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Training for train drivers

Initial and further training as well as procurement of simulators

DB Training offers initial and further training for train drivers for more than 10 years. We also support you with our experience in the procurement of simulators.

Many companies both in Germany and abroad have benefited from the expertise of DB Training and make use of our experience for initial training and further training in all the required aspects. We offer the following services in German, English and French:

  • Initial training for train drivers, allowing them to use Deutsche Bahn’s rail network

We offer all of the training modules required for train drivers, either individually or together, including the required language training. We offer seminars for drivers of freight trains, passenger trains and ancillary vehicles. If required, we will also take care of your train drivers’ driving tests.

  • Further training for train drivers using Deutsche Bahn’s rail network

We provide your train drivers with regular further training – either in the form of seminars where they are physically present or Web-based training. We have 16 simulators, allowing us to offer simulator-based further training and observe drivers in action.

  • Procurement and operation of simulators

We have been using simulators for train drivers for 15 years and train around 24,000 people a year. You can benefit from our experience. We will help you make the right investment decision if you want to procure your own simulators.

Last modified: 19.09.2016

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