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DB Training, Learning & Consulting

DB Training - in Germany, Europe and the World

For more than 15 years, DB Training has been one of the leading providers of qualification and consultancy service on Europe's mobility and logistics markets.

DB Training – success goes hand-in-hand

For more than 15 years, DB Training has been one of the leading providers of qualification and consultancy services on Europe's mobility and logistics market. Each year, DB Training qualifies more than 225,000 course participants attending more than 20,000 training events in 70 sites throughout Germany. The range of services encompasses management consultancy covering all aspects of process and quality management, together with national and international qualification and advanced training courses. The qualification programme includes seminars on leadership & management, the human factor, safety management, transport technology, vehicle engineering and project management, together with individually customised company seminars.

Full programme in all qualification areas

More than 1,500 seminars and courses are featured in the programme, dealing with areas such as management & business know-how, service & customer orientation, infrastructure and engineering, railway operations, vehicle engineering, transport and logistics, as well as instruction courses for engine drivers at 16 simulators in 11 sites. More than 225,000 course participants profit every year from the wide range of advanced courses available.

DB Training sets the course on the training market

More than 100 firms are currently involved in the integrated training organised by DB Training, with over 500 companies in all branches making use of the wide range of initial and advanced training opportunities. The cooperation partners and references include among others public transportation companies, banks, temping agencies, public institutions or hotels. DB Training sets standards on the training market with an innovative approach by taking the initiative and with the use of new methods, such as learning platforms, simulations or CBT (computer based training) and WBT (web based training). 

Darmstadt Eisenbahnbetriebsfeld (training facility) (EBD) offers realistic simulation of railway operations on a surface area covering approx. 500 square metres. Original signal boxes or replicas of original signal boxes are used to control operational processes on the model facility. This miniature reality permits practical initial and advanced training in railway operations, control and scheduling

The mobile HGV simulator is used to offer low-cost, reliable training courses for truck drivers without placing any additional burden on resources. Realistic projection of the virtual training infrastructure visualises urban streets, country roads and motorways in differing regions under varying weather conditions. The driver's cab is fitted with authentic controls, displays and operating noises. The simulation installations can be programmed for many different vehicle combinations, from the 7.5 tonne solo truck via the Euro-Combi through to buses and coaches.

Customised qualification concepts from a single source at any site

Standard features include integrated learning concepts together with easy accessibility of expert contacts and advisors on site. Most of the modular courses are developed in the "training incubator" at Training Development. More than 600 professionally competent, highly motivated trainers and instructors then bring the customised qualification concepts to life.

In good hands day and night

Furthermore, four guesthouses and a seminar hotel in a central location offer a relaxed atmosphere and the best possible conditions for successful events, conferences or seminars.

Wuppertal Trainingszentrum & Gästehaus (training centre and guesthouse) has specialised in seminars for railway command and control technology together with management seminars, and is the only training facility nationwide to be equipped with an ESTW Siemens teaching system.

Troisdorf Trainingszentrum (training centre ) is a vehicle engineering centre with special 1:1 models and replica training stands for practical instruction in railway technology. Based on 50 years of experience, today the training courses focus in particular on wagon engineering in top quality passenger coaches and freight wagons together with air-conditioning and safety features in the traction units.

Kassel Trainingszentrum & Gästehaus (training centre and guesthouse) has specialised in courses on diesel traction unit engineering, both in terms of maintenance and for training engine drivers.

Regensburg Trainingszentrum & Gästehaus (training centre and guesthouse) is located on the outskirts of Regensburg and is ideally equipped for a wide range of events, with its own outdoor facilities and professional trainers for events held out-of-doors.

Bad Homburg Seminarhotel (seminar hotel) is only 20 km from Frankfurt in the direct vicinity of Bad Homburg's spa park with lovely green surroundings. This facility is used for management training courses and conferences, also by companies not in the Deutsche Bahn Group. Seminars cover many different aspects including entrepreneurial, leadership and social skills, quality, service and anti-stress management.

Excellent quality!

Quality is our first priority: this year once again, DB Training's optimum solutions and processes in line with modern standards, functional necessity and future-oriented, economic planning have been re-audited and certified to the quality standard DIN ISO 9001.

Last modified: 20.02.2014

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