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Jobs at DB

Be a part of a world that continously changes

We have a clear objective: we intend to become one of the top ten employers not only in Germany, but also worldwide by 2020 at the latest. To achieve this, we plan to recruit thousands of qualified employees in the next few years...

DB2020 – Deutsche Bahn’s long-term strategy

Globalisation, deregulation, climate change, diminishing human resources and demographic change – these are some of the challenges facing us in the future. We are responding to these global mega trends with our long-term DB2020 strategy. We see them as an opportunity, as the world gets smaller and becomes more complex and more networked.

As an international provider of mobility and logistics, and as one of the largest employers in Germany, Deutsche Bahn knows it has a special responsibility towards its customers, its employees, the environment and society. That is why we think and act with the long term in mind, and believe that business success goes hand in hand with an eco-friendly mind-set and a commitment to society. There are three strategic objectives that are especially important to us:

Profitable market leader
As a profitable market leader, we offer first-class mobility and logistics solutions. In this respect, we focus on our customers, on quality and on continuing on a course of profitable growth.

As a pioneer in environmental protection, we set standards with our products. We make efficient use of the available resources and continue to lower our noise pollution and carbon emission levels. In doing so, we consolidate our leading environmental position.

Top employer in Germany
As a top employer, we recruit and retain qualified employees who are enthusiastic about working for Deutsche Bahn and its customers.

Nine reasons to work for Deutsche Bahn

  • We’re one of the largest and most diverse employers in Germany
  • We work as an international team on the mobility and logistics of the future
  • Our sustainable business model protects jobs
  • Our diversity serves as a source of ideas and as a stimulus for change
  • We offer individual development prospects
  • Our employees are trained by professionals
  • We offer an attractive overall salary and benefits package with an array of social benefits
  • We see ourselves as a partner and believe in open dialogue
  • We give employees space to strike the right balance between work and private life

So be a part of our corporate family.

Last modified: 19.02.2014

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