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Agile Projectmanagement - Scrum (EN) Basics and successful implementation options

Ihr Nutzen:
In this seminar you learn how to react flexibly to customer requests and adapt to changing framework conditions in order to deliver faster results. You get to know the agile method Scrum, expand their methodological competence, learn everything important about the optimal organization, the roles and the course of an agile project. In doing so, you improve your future approach to projects and thus contribute to the success of the project.

Project clients, project managers, sub-project managers and project employees who have a basic knowledge of project management and are interested in alternative approaches and process models.

Practical experience in project management, either as part of the project team (project manager or project employee) or as a project owner, no Scrum knowledge required. The seminar is suitable for IT and non-IT specialists.

Folgende Themen werden behandelt:

  • Definition of terms: what is agile project management?
  • Know which development projects agility is suitable for.
  • Get to know Scrum: the roles, the artifacts, the events and agile techniques.
  • The role concept in Scrum: responsibility and self-control of the team.
  • The artifacts: the product backlog for flexible management of requirements, the sprint backlog for focused work on the sprint goal, the increment for frequent and early feedback.
  • The events: What you should consider when organizing a successful agile project team.
  • Learn about the nature of planning, estimation, synchronization, review and continuous improvement.

Vorteile für Ihre Führungskraft:
Rarely does a project run over a longer period of time as originally planned. New customer requests are added to the old ones, the general conditions change, and everything should be finished much earlier. Agile project management does not want to prevent such changes by planning ahead, but to skillfully include them in the ongoing project.

If you have any questions about the training, please send an email to: Thementeam Projektmanagement

For further information on our services and offers in the field of project management can be found on our DB Planet page.

In Trainingszentren von DB Training

Produktnummer: Pm0231

Dauer: 2 days

Preis: 899,00 EUR (zzgl. der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer)

Preis nur gültig bei Leistungserstellung im Jahr der Bestellung